666 in the Bible:
Just Who is "Mr. 666" (six hundred sixty-six)???

Many commentaries on the meaning of 666, also known as six hundred sixty-six, have stated that any time a triple redundant number (in this case, the three sixes constituting 666) is given, it is to emphasize the nature, or the essence implied, by the particular number that is redundant (in this case, the number "6").

Six (6) has been regarded as the number of man (who was created on the 6th day)---sinful and imperfect [as opposed to the number seven, which signifies perfection—ie, God, WHO, after completing His creation, rested on the seventh day (you might say that He entered into His own rest after completing a perfect work---something man is incapable of doing unless he adheres to the will of God, and ‘fulfills all righteousness’)]. Six is also the number signifying those things false, as will be shown next.

An evaluation of Biblical Hebrew
Using the system of Gematria, ostensibly what John the Apostle had in mind when referring to "666" in writing
Revelation, one of the two words in Hebrew for which the numbers representing the letters add up to 6 is the word with the letters
** which is, according to Gesenius’ Hebrew-Chaldee Lexicon to the Old Testament, "trifles, falsehoods, great words," as found in Job 11:3; Isaiah 16:6, and Jeremiah 48:30.

Gesenius also includes the plural of this word

which means "liars," "soothsayers" and "false prophets," as given in Isaiah 44:25 and Jeremiah 50:36.

The letters of that plural form add up to 616. This number is important for consideration because, apparently, there has been some confusion as to whether the number of the "beast" of
Revelation 13:18 is 666 or 616 (New American Bible, footnotes to Revelation 13:11-18).

The number 616 was thought by many to signify, at the time of the writing, the Roman Emperor Nero who, indeed, was no friend of Christians and the Church. The name of the Emperor Nero has been used to signify rulers who persecute the Church and Her people, as well as the power of an all-encompassing state, which likewise lends itself to persecution of the Church and Her people.

So, what else can this mean?
We will either be consecrated to God and His Heavenly Kingdom, or we will be consecrated to satan and his hellish principality. Our "Yes" will truly be a "Yes," and our "No" will truly be a "No." We will either have Christ the King as our "King of hearts," with the Holy Spirit in the temple of our inner, private "sanctuaries," or we will have the inferior alternative, who is the father of lies.

If satan is enthroned in the middle of our inner sanctuaries, he will be so in a most insidious (ie, "hidden") manner. Satan, being the liar that he is, will beguile us into thinking that we have a "higher self," and thus no need for God (
Genesis 3:1-5). Satan, and any of his children (John 8:44) who will have long since "fallen" for this ultimate lie, will continue to encourage people to ‘let their conscience be their guide.’

Indeed, each person is supposed to follow their conscience, BUT ONLY IF IT IS FORMED IN TRUTH (
Catechism of the Catholic Church, elements 1783-1802). Should a person with a malformed conscience continue to listen to what will ultimately be an inner, false oracle, it will be as if the person is enthroning this "guide" in the private "sanctuary" of their inner being, where the Holy Spirit should reside instead (1 Corinthians 6:19; 2 Corinthians 6:16). Such a "guide," actually being an unclean spirit, cannot co-exist with the indwelling of the Trinity. To do so would be to mix darkness with light, which is impossible.

If a person persists in listening to an ultimately false oracle of a malformed conscience, then the Trinity, at some point will in effect say "Let us remove hence" (cf Josephus’
Wars of the Jews, Book VI, Chapter V). At that point (a) false oracle(s)/"prophet(s)" will have, for all intents and purposes, taken residence in a person’s inner (hidden?) "sanctuary" in the place of God (2 Thessalonians Ch.2; 1 Corinthians 8:5; 2 Timothy 3:1-9). That person will have essentially taken the "mark of the beast," because satan will, for all intents and purposes, be ruling the person through his "deputy" (a person’s lying, false, malformed conscience). At the very least, they will likewise become something false, with lies issuing from them like frogs (unclean spirits) from a false prophet (Revelation 16:13-14).

Should enough people reach this point of spiritual disfigurement, certainly lies and untruths (click HERE for additional information) will proliferate to such an extent throughout society that satan will be doing just fine ruling through all his "children." Certainly, at that point, chances are pretty good that an ultimately wicked individual or individuals will come to rule the world.

The rule of satan would indeed be very "hidden." Given the occult (which means "hidden" (click HERE to see) nature of the allegedly "higher knowledge" many people seem to be after these days [ie, through consulting of astrologers, palm readers, Tarot cards, psychics, transcendental meditation, "guided imagery" exercises in order to contact their "inner advisor" (in order to ‘let their conscience be their guide’), and the like], perhaps this is why one of the few Hebrew words in scripture that adds up to 666 is the proper name "

[transliterated as "Sethur" (Numbers 13:2, 13) which means "hidden"]. This proper name is actually derived from the word "**

which is the more widely word meaning "to be hidden"; "to lie hidden" or "to hide oneself"; and also "hidden things, secrets."

So how do we know who to avoid or watch out for??

A person must adhere steadfastly to the Truth. Only by adhering to Divine Wisdom will we have any chance at all of "calculating" the number of such a "man." We "calculate" it primarily by knowing how to discern Truth from Untruth. Only by doing so will we know how to "know" the difference, and avoid the darkness, which will come only by the grace of God’s Mercy and Justice working together (
Psalm 85:11) in our hearts and in our lives.


** A Little Math**

From the words given previously:
trifles, falsehoods, great words;


liars," "soothsayers" and "false prophets"




Some final tips to the wise in evaluating 666

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